NaviMeds is an intuitive electronic medication administration and risk reduction system for care homes and hospitals. It is an innovative, e-Mar and patient safety system that can reduce the impact of harm and save lives.

It can also significantly mitigate your risk of litigations and also improve patient care and auditing processes at the same time. It seamlessly integrates the portability of hand-held devices for administering medications combined with the power of backbone for information storage and management using cloud computing technology.

The tablet/mobile device provides a secure and user-friendly interface that requires minimal training to operate. It also enables audio notes to be recorded, providing immediate confirmation of what has happened without recourse to pen and paper - saving staff time and removing the necessity for keyboard input. It also supports barcoding of drug labels which makes the staff at ease and more productive as they will not have the fear of handling the wrong drug. Electronic store audits help care home/hospitals keep track of their inventory thereby preventing loss of items. The reduction of medication errors leads to reduced process administration with an associated saving in time and money.

Key Features

  • Enforces minimum intervals between PRNs
  • Takes stress off carer and reduces their workload
  • New medications can be added or discontinued with ease, through appropriate security levels
  • Visualization of time / drug schedule
  • Verification of drug acceptance and rejections
  • Drug administration via Mobile, Tablets or PC
  • Only shows drugs that are due at a given time
  • Ensures administration of controlled drugs only through witness verification
  • Reminder alarms ensure drugs are given on time with no missing signatures
  • Comprehensive patient card with photograph, medical history, emergency contacts, calendar events, GP details, allergy information and an exclusive document library
  • Provides quick search into patient's medical history
  • Document library feature enable care homes to store hospital reports, medical history, contractual agreements etc. of service users
  • Reduces medication administration mistakes to save costs and lives
  • Alerts for allergies and adverse drug reactions with the facility to text them to doctors/managers
  • Digital MAR, MER, ADR reports, Order Processing, Book in Medication, Stock Reconciliation & Audit trail



Major Reports

  • Rejections by Carer
  • Usage of medicine for a specific duration
  • Missed drug administrations
  • Controlled drug register
  • Administration duration for a round
  • Store audit trail
  • Usage of anti-psychotic drug by carer/SU
  • Discontinued medication list
  • Adverse Drug Reactions list