NaviHome is an innovative patient safety system enabling more people to have safer, happier and healthier lives, confidently supported at home by a unique medication administration and risk reduction system. It uses cutting edge technology thereby eliminating mistakes at the point of care and regularly monitors patient health. Our innovative approach redefines the centuries-old tradition of institutional long-term care provision.

Our unique solution helps reduces mistakes at the point of care and triggers alerts for any Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) symptoms or health data by prompting text messages. This leads to early action, thus reducing the impact of harm and saving money and lives.

Key Features

  • Electronic MAR sheet, only showing the medication due at a given time.
  • Ensures correct dosage and intervals for PRN drugs.
  • Provides various timely alerts for patient allergies, missed/late drug administrations, drugs low in stock, repeat medication etc.
  • Sends texts/MMS to doctors if a patient reacts adversely to some drug. Early action can save lives Facilitates.
  • Electronic Care Plans, scored assessments and vital signs charts.
  • Provides comprehensive audit with detailed search facility.
  • Lists all services to be provided to the patients. Records time spent on providing each service and provides audit of services planned and delivered.
  • Secure role based system allows various trust departments, GP, Social services to log into the patient information, enabling better communications and decision making.
  • Provides simple as well as highly sophisticated and analytical reports.
  • To customize electronic care plans and scored assessments to fit the environment.
  • To meet CQC and Department of health directives for Electronic Medicine Administration Record (e-Mar) for the patients being nursed at home.
  • To maintain exhaustive patient portal which helps hospital staff, carers and the relatives to get connected to each other, there by monitoring the Service User health status resulting in fast recovery.
  • To track schedule of services to be provided to the patient.
NaviHome NaviHome

The Communication portal

The Communication portal promotes direct communication between Hospital, Social Services, GP and if required patient/relative. The dash board will have the messaging facility between hospitals, GP, local authorities, service providers etc. It also has alerts for any new message.


Its document library will store:

  • Electronic Medicine Administration Record
  • Care plans
  • Services contracted and provided
  • Calendar
  • Hospital stay reports
  • Medical reports
  • Get to know me: Patient likes and dislikes, any help required, patient contacts etc.

Various studies have shown that communication between various entities helps re-admission to hospital within 30 days, to be cut down by 50%. It will enable focusing more on care with fewer resources.