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There are about 850,000 people with dementia, two thirds of who live in the community and one third in care homes. Over 75% of care home residents are living with dementia.There are currently 550,000 carers in England, who provide essential care to individuals living with dementia. Dementia presents a significant commitment for both formal and informal care sectors. Incidence of depression among caregivers of people with dementia has been estimated at between 40 and 60% which contrasts sharply with 8% reported in non-caregivers of similar age. Carers with increased social and personal engagement with dementia patients are known to experience less psychological stress.

DementiaCare online is an innovative solution to bring dementia friendly Information technology to create their own world and an opportunity to go back to their good times through various features of the system. Our system helps the elderly or people with dementia, to engage in various activities like watching their favourite movies, listening to music, communicating with family and friends etc., which requires less intervention or medication.Our innovative solutions helps retaining cognitive ability and through stimulation, extending the quality of life for the person living with dementia.

Dementia Care Online

The activities benefit people with dementia as they experience less anxiety and aggression.Research by Brown University in the US found that people with dementia who listened to music tailored to their tastes and memories, needed less anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic medicationsand will enhances the quality of life and self-respectMoreover as they will be busy with activities either online or offline, it will require less of carers’ time or services. This in turn helps Care Homes / Service providers to extend quality care with a limited work force.

DementiaCare Online is a people-centered space for persons with Dementia, which helps carers focus on the person’s abilities, not their impairments and without making assumptions about what Dementia people can or can’t do.

Get to Know Me

Get to know me helps discover someone’s life or interests by following connections with the help of a reliable system to understand and get to know a person. Each person with dementia is different: when it comes to offering support, different things are helpful for different people. Getting to know someone with dementia is really important to be able to support them well. People living with Dementia do retain the passive ability to communicate. We can tailor their story to recreate their world bringing back their memories on a tablet or smart phone, which in turn will challenge negative attitudes and stigma. Carers can help them configure the system in a way in which it will personalize their interests and preferences, which in turn support health and manage risks.

Caring for someone with dementia is a major life challenge and it entails emotional, physical, social and financial burden. It also has been described as one of the most difficult situations encountered by caregivers. The stress of carers is an important issue for public health care, because of their central role in the care of people with dementia and the negative health consequences they may experience

Dementia Care Online

DementiaCare online - Get to know me, helps to work closely with the person with dementia to create or maintain a routine which will keep them fully occupied using cutting edge technology. People with dementia just have to click on the intuitive icons to connect to rich features of the system which will keep them busy and happy. If the person's dementia worsens over time, carers or people working with them can make use of the system’s variety of communicative and technological solutions, which help bring back memories, making them happy and give them a feeling of togetherness with their loved ones.

My world has screen icons like My Family & Friends, My Videos, My movies, My Music, My Hobbies, My Safety, Mind Games and My Care Plans. Once users choose the desired feature it shows a list. It uses dementia friendly technology to create their own world and stay in touch with their friends and family via chat or video facilities or enjoy hobbies or listening to their favourite music. These activities will benefit people with dementia and they will express less anxiety or aggression.

Dementia Care Online


Care plan flows from each patient's unique list of diagnoses and is usually organized by the individual's specific needs. Care Plans provide an easy way to organize and maintain the needs of each service user even between shift changes of the nursing staff. The care plan specifically outlines observations to be made, nursing actions to be carried out.

Get to know me care plans encourage people with dementia to recall traumatic experiences, as well as pleasant ones, as studies show that trying to forget past incidents by suppressing our recollections can create a “virtual lesion” in the brain that casts a shadow over the formation of new memories. Personality traits are also integral to good dementia care.