Care Home Enterprise (CHE)

It is a comprehensive end-to-end business solution designed to provide an effective Financial and Management system for care homes and the groups. CHE is a highly scalable and customizable to give you a 100% fit solution. It supports multiple funders, multiple billing periods, uplifts and block contracting and accruals. CHE helps improve profit margins and ability to review at a touch of button the financial status and room occupancy level at Group, Regional or Home level.

Key Features

  • Room booking, Allocation & Admissions - The Enquiry module records all enquiries and the type of service required, send out information pack, and create and update waiting list. It also helps head office and regional offices track the enquiry and waiting lists at various care homes.
  • Contractual and Variable invoicing for various service types - Invoicing feature supports complete multi-stream, multi funder and multi period billing. In addition, mid period fee changes are automatically honored, both for primary funders and the effect of changes of DSS on an LA or main funder.
  • Accrual and Pre-payments - The system has the ability to generate revenue accrued during the month or for a specific period.
  • Fees contract and Uplifts - Allows setup of fee agreements for every single funder. System respects these agreements while generating invoices or credit notes.
  • Block contracting - Block contracting feature enables LA make group booking of rooms in care homes for specific period, at the agreed rates, both for the occupied and vacant rooms blocked.
  • Dash Board - Shows adeptly arranged menu items and critical parameters of the application which enable user to intuit and act accordingly.
  • Document Library - Enables user to attach contracts, documents, images or any other relevant files of the Service Users with confidentiality and can be easily retrieved whenever necessary.


Hightlighted Reports

  • Weekly Gross revenue per home.
  • Average weekly fee by service type.
  • Revenue per week / per home for 12 weeks.
  • Enquiry for the room availability.
  • Room occupancy rate for each home and Group waiting list.
  • Accruals and Prepayments.
  • Unpaid invoices for individual care homes.
  • Credit Notes.
  • Service User personal money management sheet.